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Katie is a firm believer that you don't have to only do one thing. God created us all with multiple gifts and talents and we should operate in them all. Katie is a teacher at heart and gets joy from knowing she can provide others with information to encourage, inspire, and empower them to move forward in life. A self-professed helper; Katie does not hesitate to lend a helping hand wherever it's needed, all you have to do is ask. If she's not able to help she probably knows someone who can. Katie also enjoys creating things. Her creative outlets include writing, crocheting, making jewelry, painting, and baking. 

Meditating on the Promises

of God

May 1, 2020



In today’s fast-paced and automated world, it can be hard to slow down and be deliberate about the day, often leaving you feeling wearied and somehow off-beat with the world around you.


Taking time to meditate on God’s promises is not only relaxing, but it is also very necessary for spiritual and emotional growth and well-being.
Meditating on the Promises of God is written in such a way that you can successfully implement the strategies on its pages, even with life’s busy schedule. From cover to cover this devotional is organized in a self-paced fashion, allowing you to spend as much time as you need on a scripture and more importantly as much time as you need with God.

Each page offers exploratory questions, suggested confessions, and a space to write as you go. Meditating on the Promises of God will help you get a deeper understanding as to how you can apply God’s promises in your own life and encourages you to seek Him in all that you do.
Let the journey begin!

Meditating on the Promises of God is the first book from Author, Katie M. Littles. It is designed to help recognize some of the things God has promised us all. Look below to see what others are saying about this small but powerful book. 


I am often amazed to see how God uses those who have His gifts and talents. I had a great opportunity to witness God, by way of the Holy Spirit, use Minister (now Author) Katie Littles to pen this powerful tool for the Body of Christ. What you will witness is her passion that allows you to see His purpose for her life. Meditating on the Promises of God is a "MUST" for every library.

Apostle Jerome Dukes


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